Funding guidelines


The 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust will consider funding applications for the following:

  • Football development programmes and capacity building programmes for administrators, technical officials and players
  • High performance programmes endorsed by SAFA in accordance with set criteria.
  • Provincial and regional programmes which aim to improve the quality of football along the development continuum aligned to SAFA’s vision 2022 will enjoy priority
  • Education including Bursaries for football players, coaches, referees and administrators (professionals included) as well as funding for NGOs that use football as a vehicle for community development through life skills, leadership and other relevant programmes. Relevant football research projects will also be considered under this category.
  • Health including Healthy lifestyle through football programmes, research and development on football related health matters as well Training of specialist medical personnel for football teams.
  • Humanitarian causes including funding for football communities struck by disaster or tragedy.


All applicants for BURSARIES projects must:

  • be endorsed by SAFA, a SAFA Region or a SAFA Local Football Association (LFA);
  • make a commitment to serve football on the completion of his/her studies;
  • include a copy of his/her CV;
  • include an Admission Letter from the institution at which he/she intends studying;
  • include a fees structure.



Bursaries for football players, coaches, referees and administrators (professionals included). Bursaries will not exceed R30 000 per annum.


  • Funding is available for twelve (12) months
  • Maximum funding available for these twelve (12) months is clearly stated under each category above.
  • Please note that a minimum of 5% of Trust Funds has to be allocated to monitoring and evaluation purposes.

The evaluation criteria include formal aspects regarding the completeness and clarity of the proposals, as well as an assessment of:

  • the feasibility of the proposed programmes and activities achieving the stated objectives;
  • the potential impact of the proposed programmes and activities, and their planned monitoring and evaluation;
  • the potential contribution to the enhancement of the SAFA Vision 2022 Plan in the case of football specific applications
    or the potential contribution to the field of Development through Football;
  • the accuracy of the proposed fees structure and how well it reflects the proposed activities.