In 2010, South Africa hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup. To ensure that the spirit of the tournament lived on in South Africa for years to come, FIFA made R450 million available to the people of South Africa as a legacy grant. To administer these funds, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust was established.

The Legacy Trust has a clear mandate: to provide funding for ongoing football development in South Africa in order to ensure that the World Cup leaves a lasting legacy for the sport in the country.

The trust also provides support to non-governmental organisations that use football to bring about positive social change and offers education opportunities to members of the South African football fraternity to further their studies.
Remembering the 2010 World Cup
An Ongoing Commitment

The Legacy Trust is intended to be a self-sustaining source of funding over the long term. Therefore the strategy of the trust has been to protect FIFA’s initial investment into the Trust, investing the interest generated from this amount.

The Legacy Trust also seeks to partner with organisations that are passionate about the ongoing sustainable development of football in South Africa and the role football can play in making a positive change in the country

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