Football for change
The 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust funds non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that use football as a vehicle to bring change in communities. These organisations work across Africa to address socio-economic challenges that children, youth and women endure on a daily basis through a range of projects and programmes.

Many of the NGOs that the Legacy Trust supports use football to create awareness around health issues affecting people in Africa, particularly HIV/Aids. Another major focus area is on developing the entrepreneurship skills of women and girls.
The role of football
Football has a powerful role to play in bringing about positive change given the fact that it is played, understood and followed by millions of people around the world. This idea is encapsulated in FIFA’s slogan, “For the Game, For the World,” which is a slogan for hope, peace, prosperity and unity.
2010 Centres for 2010. NGOs funded
The application and approval process
Organisations that apply for funding have to submit business plans that indicate how communities benefit through their programmes. Organisations are adjudicated based on the impact of their programmes.