The 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust provides members of the South African football fraternity the opportunity to further their education through tertiary studies. The trust does this by providing bursaries to football players, coaches, referees and administrators (including professionals). The rationale behind this is that with a better education and successful applicants are better equipped to give back and further develop football in South Africa.

Areas of study have varied from Certificates in Sport Management to a Master of Business Administration, with studies funded at tertiary institutions around the country.
The application and approval process

To apply for a bursary, applicants must:
– Have an endorsement letter
– Submit their full CV
– Attach a copy of their previous education records

Applications are approved by an independent evaluation panel invited by the administration of the trust. Recommendations for funding are compiled for consideration by the board, which in turn makes the final decision on approval.
Applicants that do no successfully complete their studies are liable to repay the cost of their studies to the trust.